The company P Räber Electronic Instruments specialises in the manufacture of Data takers for the recording of air pressure (Barograph – 'Meteograf') and air temperature and humidity (Thermograph, Hydrograph – 'Humigraf'.)

Another product area is formed by the 'Winboy' family; automatic window-closers and security.

In 1980, the company P Räber manufactured its first instrument – the 'Aerograf' altitude recorder.  Linked to the Fototime automatic camera, the Aerograf quickly became a favourite recording system for glider and balloon pilots; countless high-performance flights (1,000 km and more) and several world records were recorded using this system – including the legendary non-stop flight around the world undertaken by Dick Rutan and Jeana Yeager in 1987.

Since the mid-1990's a variety of GPS-based systems have steadily superseded the Aerograf.  It is however still in continuous use for training flights and general operations.

In 1996, a new product, the 'Meteograf' barograph, became our principal product.  It is now to be found in every part of the world – in many long-distance ocean races and round-the-world voyages it has proved itself an essential instrument for the judgement of weather conditions.  The Meteograf is, for example, fitted to many of the yachts taking part in the
VendéeGlobe challenge – the hardest single-handed ocean race in the world; from Europe to the Cape of Good Hope, around Antarctica and then back to Europe.

Our newest product, the 'Humigraf', a combined thermograph and hydrograph, was launched in Summer 2005.  This is an instrument developed to monitor air temperature and humidity in such critical environments as museums, antique storage houses, wine cellars, scientific instrument workshops, etc.

Our latest development is the Humigraf +. This all year data logger stores ambient temperature and humidity and is hence a consequent advancement of the one channel logger Humifgraf. Its internal data memory allows for a complete year of data storage.